By: Hissa Salman Al-Rooqi
Does the tidal force of the moon really affect our behavior?

The full moon impact on the human biology has been theorized by people for centuries all around the world, from psychologists, scientists, and even Imams in Islam have discussed the subject based on the fact that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him advised us saying "Fasting three days of every month (13th, 14th & 15th) is equal to fasting the life time" without declaring why he chose those specific days. However, Sheikh Dr. Omar Abdulkafy said in an interview that the full moon may indeed play a role in our behavior causing people to be aggressive and angry, and fasting "Al-Ayam Al-Beeth" (which means the White Days in the Islamic Culture) could influence us to behave, mentioning psychological studies without including scientific facts and for that the subject in Islam remains inconclusive.

In English obnoxious behavior is called "Lunacy". The word originally was taken from "Lunaticus" meaning "Moonstruck" that was popular since the late 1800 and for some reason still hangs around until today. But why?
Philosophers said that the amount of water in the human body could be related to the same tidal motions as the sea. but scientists agree that the gravitational force of the moon affects only "open" bodies of water such as oceans and lakes.

In 1985 Kelly and Rotton, professors of psychology at Florida International University did a meta-study (Meta-study is a procedure that combines results from actual investigations) on the full moon effect on all aspects of life based on 37 published and unpublished research, and they found absolutely no evidence of any kind that the full moon could affect humans in any possible way.

Another study in 1982 by the psychologists Templer, Brooner and Veneer claimed that a huge number of car accidents occurred during a full moon. However, Kelly and Rotton noted that the nights cited in the studies fell on weekends and statistically more accidents occur on weekends rather than weekdays. Later it was confirmed that there is no consistent relationship between the full moon and the human biology. Studies continue to contradict each other as there is no conclusive and confirmed verdict.

In other words, the caffeine effect on our behavior is a trillion times greater than the tidal force of the moon ever could, yet people rarely discuss how aggressive one gets when the coffee withdrawals starts.

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