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Ministry of Finance Holds a Webinar to Launch Etimad New Products

As part of its continued efforts to achieve digital transformation in line with the objectives of Vision 2030, the Ministry of Finance will hold, on Tuesday July 14, 2020, a webinar to launch Etimad new products for the public & private sector and individuals.

Etimad new products target new segments of beneficiaries from the public & private sector (contractor & suppliers), banking sector and individuals. By launching these products, MOF seeks to further enable government agencies, increase opportunities and enhance transparency of the private sector, facilitate procedures to speed up the completion of financial transactions and provide a satisfactory experience for the beneficiaries.

The webinar will be followed by a panel on “The Impact of Digital Transformation on Saudi Arabia's Financial & Economic Ecosystem", attended by AbdurahmanAlsamari, CEO of local content & Government Procurement Authority, Faisal Bakhashwain, Deputy Minister for Digital Transformation at HRSD, Tareq Alsadhan, CEO of Riyadh Bank, Sami Sindi, Director General of Saudi Arabian Airlines, and Ahmed Almajed, CEO of Bayan Credit Bureau. The panelists will address a number of topics including: how government agencies are keeping pace with digital transformation and technology developments and the impact of the launched products on the development of the financial sector.

It is worth mentioning that “Etimad” is the official digital platform for the financial services provided by the Ministry of Finance for the public & private sector. Etimad aims to support communication and transparency, enhance efficiency, facilitate the provision of financial services, save administrative & procedural efforts between the Ministry and the beneficiaries. For more information on Etimadservices, please visit etimad.sa

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