Riyadh Daily
New drive against corruption

The private sector plays a significant role in the development of the country, not only by way of good governance, but also by strongly adhering to the principles of transparency. In this respect, what is most important is to root out corruption through efficient controls and accountability.   
It is within this context that we should understand the anticorruption campaign launched last year as per the directions of the King and the Crown Prince. A national anticorruption commission, “Nazaha,” was also established earlier. The government’s performance is also transparent, including in matters related to the announcement of the state budget and quarterly expenditures.
The private sector operates in a healthy environment and contributes significantly to the economy and in creating job opportunities. This applies to both domestic and foreign enterprises.
The King’s approval to create specialist anticorruption commissions as part of Public Prosecution constitutes a qualitative shift in preventing any misuse of laws and in protecting public resources. The new commissions report directly to the Attorney General. They will look into corruption cases which were formerly under the purview of other crime investigating authorities.  The new anticorruption move will contribute to the efficiency, quality and promptness of resolving cases related to corruption. This also frees other crime investigating bodies to focus on criminal cases pertaining to dereliction of public duties.  
It is important to enforce strict discipline to prevent repetition of previous violations. In this regard, the setting up of the commissions is a welcome step.

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