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Jeddah (Riyadh Daily)

Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE: H) today announced the launch of World of Hyatt, Hyatt?s new global platform grounded in the simple idea that a little understanding goes a long way. This reflects Hyatt?s purpose and reaffirms its commitment to building genuine and trusted experiences and engaging its community of loyalists in a way that is meaningful to them.

?World of Hyatt is an expression of who we are,? said Mark Hoplamazian, president and chief executive officer, Hyatt Hotels Corporation. ?It?s a platform powered by our purpose ? caring for people so they can be their best ? and it inspires how we engage with guests, interacts with colleagues and owners, and operate our business. Importantly, it?s designed to deepen our relationship with our community beyond traditional hotel stays.?

Launching an AmbitiousCampaign
The launch of World of Hyatt is supported by an unprecedented integrated marketing campaign, ?Fora World of Understanding.? The campaign will debut its anthem spot with a universal message during the 89th Oscars? broadcast, leveraging a series of personal vignettes that speak to the power of understanding. The anthem features GRAMMY-nominated recording artist Andra Day singing, ?What the World Needs Now is Love,? the timeless song from Hal David (lyrics) and Burt Bacharach(music composition).

?The work on World of Hyatt was driven by a simple insight about the human heart ? that the greatest longing is to know and be known, to understand and be understood,? said Maryam Banikarim, global chief marketing officer, Hyatt. ?This platform is about the power of a little understanding.Listening, noticing each other, extending a thoughtful gesture ? can make all the difference. This is how we connect on a deeper level ? to inspire irrational loyalty.?

?What made me want to work with Hyatt is the campaign itself. It?s an incredible message and myheart is of the same kind,? said Andra Day. ?I hope this allows people to realize that if you are willing to understand and to listen, then you actually can be understood, because it creates a desire in other peopleto want to hear you aswell.?

Created by Mullen Lowe, the spot was filmed earlier this year in Thailand, Morocco and Spain, and explores how people from different cultures unite through simple humanconnections.

?We knew there was a great opportunity to not only craft something very honest, authentic and true tothe Hyatt brand but also create something resonant at a time when the world really needs it,? said Tim Vaccarino, executive creative director, Mullen Lowe. ?It?s the small things that can have anamazing impact, things everyone is capable of; a knowing glance, a smile, an outstretched hand. Thesethings transcend race, language andculture.?

The global campaign will extend across TV, digital, social, out-of-home, in-hotel, print, andevents throughout 2017 with an emphasis in the United States, China andIndia.

Building Meaningful Experiences
World of Hyatt is building personalized experiences to promote understanding through travel.These experiences are designed to bring the World of Hyatt community together to learn, connect andcelebrate the world. Collaborating with AFAR, a company that was founded on the notion that travel bringsabout understanding, allows World of Hyatt a way to engage guests beyond traditional hotelstays.

World of Hyatt and AFAR are preparing an immersive once in a lifetime excursion to Tokyo. Thethree- day experiential itinerary will provide unparalleled access to the city in a way that willcreate unforgettable memories and relationships. More details will be announcedsoon.

Putting Empathy IntoAction
There is interest from the World of Hyatt community to ?pay it forward.? To this end, World of Hyattis collaborating with non-profits, Learning AFAR and No Barriers USA, to support a program designedto inspire transformational learning. Students who might not otherwise have the chance will be given alife- changing experience designed to help them better understand themselves and the world aroundthem.

World of Hyatt is supporting Chicago Public School students to participate in an immersive 4-6month curriculum that teaches students how to overcome obstacles, live a life of purpose and give back tothe world, culminating in a 10-day excursion to Costa Rica. Students will explore the country?sunique culture to foster personal growth and leadership skills, enabling them to see what is possible in theirlives and how they can contribute their best to the world. Upon return, students have the opportunityto demonstrate leadership as they share their learnings from this transformative expedition with theirschool andcommunity.

Reimagined Loyalty Program
The World of Hyatt loyalty program will go live on March 1. The new program was announcedin October to provide existing members a clear view into the changes. With understanding as theguiding principle, the loyalty program was designed based on listening and taking action. There are more tiersand more ways to earn status, which allows for more meaningful rewards and benefits for members. The tier names ? Discoverist, Explorist, Globalist ? reflect the aspirations of members as they travel andexpand their world. And the rewards and benefits, such as providing more ways to earn free nights, reflectwhat matters to themmost.

?With World of Hyatt, we don?t just want to welcome you to our world, we want to understand yours,? said Jeff Zidell, senior vice president, loyalty, Hyatt. ?We listened and reimagined our loyalty programto emphasize more meaningful rewards and benefits at every level. More than just great locations, luxurious rooms and amenities, World of Hyatt is about connecting you to the people, places and experiences atthe heart of yourworld.?

Seeing The World Through Others Eyes
Hyatt also turned to the Hyatt family to bring its story to life. Hyatt colleagues around the worldwore Spectacles by Snap Inc. to offer a perspective of the world through their eyes. Their stories havebeen woven together and will be shared internally and externally through social media and other channels.

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