Masmak Palace

Riyadh ? SPA
Prince Sultan bin Salman approves registering 15 sites in National Architectural Heritage Record

Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, President of Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage has approved registering the first set of architectural heritage sites in National Architectural Heritage Record including the registration and protection of architectural heritage sites, their rehabilitation and documenting information and studies related to them.
This group contains 15 architectural heritage sites including Masmak Palace, Murabba Palace, Red Palace, King Abdulaziz Palace in Badia'h, Subaie House (Bait Al--Maal), Saqqaf Palace, Railway station in Madinah, Khuzam Palace in Jeddah, Shubra Palace, Shada Palace, Al-Uqair historic port buildings , Palace of Ibrahim, Khuzam Palace in Al-Ahsa, Al-Rifai Houses and Kaaf Palace.

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