General Mansour Al-Turki

Riyadh - SPA
Interior Ministry Identifies Kidnappers of Qatif Judge

The Interior Ministry security spokesman said investigations of the security authorities into disappearance of Sheikh / Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Jirani, Judge of Endowments and Inheritances Department in front of his home in the town of Tarut of Qatif province on Tuesday 14/03/1438H (13/12/2016) have led to the arrest of three people involved in this heinous crime, whose names are Abdullah Ali Ahmed Al Darwish; Mazen Ali Ahmed Al-Qubaa and Mustafa Ahmed Salman Al Sahwan.
He further said that these three arrested persons were assigned by the planners and perpetrators of this crime to monitor the victim and the investigations resulted in the identification of three of the culprits involved directly in carrying out the crime of kidnapping and those three wanted are Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amar; Maitham Ali Mohammed Al-Qedehi and Ali Bilal Saud Al-Hamad, who have been already declared in the list of nine wanted on 29/01/1438 H (30/10/2016 G).
The Ministry of Interior as announcing these findings is to warn the above mentioned perpetrators and their partners whose names for the interest of the investigation won't be disclosed at this stage.
The Ministry of Interior calls upon the culprits to release the judge immediately and holds them completely accountable for any harm he might incur.
The ministry also invites anyone who has information about the wanted people or those who announced in a previous list or information about the place of the abductee to call (990) or visit the nearest security headquarters.
The ministry confirmed that the rewards earlier announced will also be extended to those who provide information about the persons wanted by the security authorities.

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