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Our Kingdom is receiving today Russian President Vladimir Putin as a great guest on his second visit in more than a decade. 

His visit to the region at large in such an important time reflects Russia's desire to strengthen ties with the Gulf States in the political, economic and developmental areas. 

Thanks to its position on the international political map and its weight and influence as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, Russia has been heavily involved in the Arab region's issues based on past and renewed relations. 

This means that Russia is setting its priorities and establishing alliances to achieve its interests in the Arab region on the basis of balanced policies through which it can play important roles in achieving pacification in one of the world's most important regions.

The Kingdom, with its Arab-Islamic and international weight, is interested in developing and reinforcing its relations with Russia to serve the interests of both countries. 

They have already cooperated in many fields, especially with regard to the stability of oil markets through understandings that have already yielded a market balance, led by the two largest oil producers inside and outside the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). 

The two countries also share a good eye for the events, a matter that grants the visit a momentum and a dimension in all topics on the summit's agenda. 

The development of the Saudi-Russian relations is of interest to the leaderships, which strengthens their ties takes them to broader areas whose results are beyond expectations.

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