Eight-year-old boy saves mother from drowning

An eight-year-old boy rescued his mother from drowning in a swimming pool in Jizan.
The mother was walking beside the pool as she stumbled and fell in the pool.
Her second-grader son al-Baraa Mohammed Al-Shahrani dived into the water to pull her out of the deep end of the pool.
Al-Baraa was hailed as a hero after saving his mother, who was unable to swim, from drowning in the pool and was honored by his school.
Baraa father, Mohammed Al-Shahrani said he rented a chalet in Ad-Darb town in Jizan to spend the weekend with his family and his son al-Baraa went to the swimming pool with his mother. While walking along the pool the mother slipped and fell in the deep end of the pool and was about to drown when her son slide in the pool and pulled her out of the deep water.

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