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Geography as Cultural Space

The cultural and symbolic significance that can be drawn from the existence of heritage and historical places in the Kingdom - based on the diversity of its terrain and spaces - cannot be overlooked or viewed as normal sites with no moral and symbolic value. This is because they provoke literary and cultural imagination that is pumped by a rich, diverse and fertile space.

This importance of historical and heritage sites increases according to the mounting awareness of their value and their impact on shaping the collective memory and identity of the place and the human being, especially since the culture in our country has been witnessing remarkable growth that can be read and sensed through the various programs, initiatives and legislations that this sector enjoys in its various fields. 

This growth confirms the position of culture and cultural action in a delightful way indicating that culture has become a civilized given at the heart of the interest and strategies of our country with its large and spacious heritage and history.

Writing about historical and heritage places, especially those that embrace various and attractive cultural and artistic activities which can be included within the so-called cultural geography. Place attains its importance for highlighting this geography and reading its implications based on the epistemological knowledge value of the place and this value's role in forming the place. 

To name but a few, Al-Ula embraces the winter at Tantora Festival that attracts tourists, lovers of heritage and researchers in history and civilizations. Al-Ula is the crossroads of civilizations, as it has been known since ancient times as a famous crossroads located along the incense trade route, containing lush oases, quiet natural gardens, picturesque rock formations and a varied local wildlife.

We conclude from this that cultural geography is not limited to studying the livelihoods of nations and their ways of dressing, but extends to give a moral view of the world and geography's belief systems and different ways of understanding the world as well as the ideas, practices and things that together constitute cultures and thus the identities through which people get to know themselves and others. 

Hence, we realize the importance of restoring geography its value and consideration to compensate for the stage of drought that geography suffered as a field of knowledge through the positioning of places in their central place at the heart of cultural interest.

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