Riyadh Daily
The new media

The new media award recently announced by the General Commission for Audiovisual Media, supervised by Culture and Information Ministry, aims at helping social media activists focus on social issues and positive endeavors that benefit society. Ten winners will be honored out of 300 persons nominated for the award through a public poll with more than140, 000 participants.
Saudi Arabian society is becoming more and more engaged in a remarkable cultural and thought activity, without which any society will be alienated and be dependent on false information. Therefore, it is important to encourage new media activists to effectively deal with the era of transformation that go beyond the social dimension to also cover industrial, economic and scientific aspects.
The award will be exclusive for young Saudis, who are known to be influential and well-seasoned in digital media. A Saudi-instituted award will serve social objectives and help create constructive content.  
There is no place for irresponsible people in today’s Saudi Arabia. Society must take advantage of all factors of creativity. The Kingdom must mobilize its talent and gifted resources to create positive social influence, enhancing its values. Erroneous ideologies must be fought.

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