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Saudi-US dialogue

Saudi-US relations are important for both countries. They also strike a regional balance in view of Saudi Arabia’s political, military and economic leadership in the region and a strong example of moderation in the Arab and Muslim world.
Friendly bilateral relations have grown into a strategic partnership based on mutual respect, common interests, and a commitment to help maintain regional and international security. Therefore, meetings are held at the highest levels for sharing viewpoints on various issues of common interest.    
It is within this context, that King Salman phoned the US President. The call underscored the importance of the Crown Prince’s current visit to the US where numerous agreements were signed and important meetings held with government officials and businesspersons.  
Arab and Muslim issues, particularly the Palestinian cause, tops Saudi priorities. King Salman touched on them in his telephone call in his capacity as an Arab and Muslim leader. He is concerned with the region’s issues and seeks to enhance the prosperity of Arabs and Muslims and the security and stability of their countries. In his conversation with US President Donald Trump, the King reiterated the need to push the Middle East peace process forward. He reemphasized the firm Saudi stance towards the Palestinians’ legitimate rights to establish an independent country with Al-Quds as its capital.  
The Saudi-US dialogue covered numerous other topics, including the urgent need to curb the Iran-backed Houthis and foil Tehran’s dangerous designs. Washington appreciated the Saudi efforts aimed at finding a political solution to the Yemeni crisis and extending humanitarian and relief assistance to Yemenis. The discussions conveyed a strong message that Riyadh and Washington will no longer tolerate any Iranian misadventures that destabilize regional security.
King Salman reconfirmed the Saudi stance on finding a solution to the Syrian crisis and maintaining the integrity of Syrian territories.
The Saudi-US viewpoints seem to be identical on combating Daesh terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Both countries are cooperating within a coordinated international framework to get rid of terrorism in Iraq, Syria and the entire region.

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