Report proves Iran’s armed support for Houthi militias

A confidential international report prepared by the Sanctions on Yemen Committee has come up with further proof of Iran’s violations of international resolutions, including supply of weapons to the Houthi militias, such as ballistic missiles and drones, which were launched against Saudi Arabia.
In their report, which is expected to be delivered to the Security Council on January 27, the Committee said that there is strong evidence that the Houthi militias had also received technical support to manufacture weapons. The report said that the Houthi missile experts had received training from another country.
 The report pointed out that a study of the wreckage of the missiles launched on July 22 and November 4 had revealed that they were similar in design to the Iranian Qeyam 1 missile, which clearly proved that they were from the same plant.
According to Sky News, the report, which is composed of 79 pages and 331 attachments, revealed that the military equipment, including missiles and drones, were exported to Yemen after the arms embargo was imposed. The experts believe that it is almost certain that the Houthis do not have any technical knowhow to make ballistic missiles.
The report explained that Tehran exported Volcano 2 short range missiles and Ababeel drones to the Houthi militias. In October 2016, American, Western and Iranian officials confirmed that Iran had increased the volume of arms supplies to the Houthis, including missiles and small weapons.
The officials warned of intelligence gaps in Yemen and noted that the US activities have considerably decreased since the beginning of the crisis.
A high-ranking Iranian diplomat confirmed that there has been a sharp increase in the weapons and money sent by Iran to the Houthis, besides training missions, since May 2016.
Since the beginning of the war, the Houthis have been using short range Scud rockets. The UN also said that they used surface-to-air missiles and surface-to-surface missiles targeting Saudi Arabia.
US Central Command Commander General Joseph Votel also confirmed the Iranian role in arming the Houthi militias and said that Iran is probably one of the sources of the technology required to make missiles in Yemen.

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