Riyadh Daily
Kingdom’s care for Yemenis

History has shown that Saudi-Yemeni relations are deep-rooted. The Kingdom has been the prime supporter of Yemen for a long time during various phases of its history. Even when the Houthis usurped power in Sana’a, Saudi Arabia formed the Arab coalition to restore legitimacy and save Yemen from falling easy prey to the Iran-sponsored militia.
While the Kingdom assumes multiple roles in seeking to ensure security, stability and prosperity to Yemen, the Houthis are doing just the opposite. All actions carried out by the Houthis indicate that they are not concerned with Yemen’s interests. On the contrary, their strategy aims at destroying the country and bringing it under Iran’s control. There is irrefutable proof in this respect. Since the very first day of seizing Sanaa, the militia tried its best to separate Yemen from its Arab identity. But the Yemenis have shown that they will never accept any such effort.
Saudi Arabia has no interest in Yemen other than seeing it as a stable country ruled by its own sincere nationals – not by those who are disinterested in their welfare. This is why Saudi Arabia supports Yemen in remaining strong in its hour of crisis, which, in any case, is said to be coming to an end.
All Yemenis must join hands against the enemies of their country. It is a great responsibility on their shoulders.

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