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Years of Vision

The Kingdom's Vision 2030 continues to achieve its general objectives and to fulfill its promises in very short times, through integrated and deliberate mechanisms of action which advances the Kingdom's position gradually, to bring it to the top in all areas. 

To this very moment, the Vision has achieved several giant achievements on the ground, most recently, qualitative achievement, through the Doing Business 2020 Report, jumping over 30 ranks and becoming the most advanced and reformed country among 190 countries around the world. 

This achievement was issued by the World Bank Group, which is known for its credible and transparent reports and statements know no courtesy or favoritism.

Who follows up the Kingdom's performance over the Vision's years, realizes that it works hard and sincerely, armed with determination and persistence, to make the required difference. 

This assures the world that it is changing for the better, a matter which is proved by the Kingdom's implementation of 28 reform measures and launch of 300 initiatives. 

This contributed to rendering the country a leader in reforming the business environment, and pushing it to become one of the ten most improved economies in the ease of doing businesses. 

In addition, the Kingdom has witnessed development in the investment environment during the last period. Its ranking has advanced in the index of starting a business by 103 ranks, and reached the 38th rank after it was 141st. 

Also, it obtained a very advanced position in the protection of the minority of investors, ranking the third globally after it was the seventh. Meanwhile, it advanced 32 places in the access to credit index, and reached the 80th rank after it was 112th.

The Kingdom's achievement of these qualitative achievements did not come from a vacuum, but it is a natural result of deliberate planning and ceaseless work, as well as the efforts exerted by the State in all directions. 

No one can ever deny the role of the Kingdom's private sector and its high standing which has earned it a bright history thanks to the developmental and economic aspirations in the past decades. 

This sector has become a real and important partner of the government sector in every achievement made.

At the same time, the economic reforms witnessed by the Kingdom since the Vision was announced more than three years ago cannot be ignored. These reforms have been the real motive behind every achievement. 

The Kingdom is still working on a comprehensive program of reforms to facilitate the doing of businesses and develop them in the light of a sustainable economy which responds to the objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030. 

These reforms pave the way to enable the private sector to play a greater role in the process of development and economic prosperity as well as attracting entrepreneurs and global innovative companies to achieve the greatest productivity efficiency.

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