Houthi militias continue their violations of humanitarian norms, Security Council resolutions and recruit children

The Iranian-backed coupist Houthi militias refuse to comply with demands of the UN Security Council to stop violating international laws and humanitarian norms by recruiting children and throwing them into battlefields.
In a series of tweets launched on his official Twitter account, Saudi Ambassador to Washington, Prince Khalid bin Salman described the recruitment of Yemeni children by the Houthi militias as the heinous crime that no longer can be tolerated. He pointed out that the Houthi militias kidnap children from homes and schools to engage them in battles flagrantly, violating all international laws and covenants, and the simplest rules of human kindness.
He wrote, "In last March, the UN Security Council ordered the Houthi militias to stop recruiting children, but the coupist militias - as usual – has continued to recruit children, disdaining and defying the Security Council's resolutions."
He added, "On more than an international occasion, Saudi Arabia has confirmed the grave violations of the international laws by the Iranian-backed Houthi militias in Yemen, and the recruitment of children, and throwing them into battlefields." He described these practices as clearly disdaining  international laws and humanitarian norms, a matter which Saudi Arabia's Permanent Representative in the United Nations, Ambassador Abdullah Al-Maalami posed in in a speech to the Security Council in July, themed "Children and Armed Conflict".
He turned to the Kingdom's role in dealing with the recruited children who are found on the battlefields, in addition to the establishment of a special unit in the Coalition for protecting children. He referred to the Coalition's containment of the armed children who were found carrying arms, and after their rehabilitation, they were taken back to their families by the Yemeni authorities.
He said that the programs of the King Salman Humanitarian and Relief Centre have become a role model for the care and rehabilitation of children, and that it will cooperate with the United Nations to transfer the Centre's experience to all around the world.
In the same connection, Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi said: "The coupist Houthi militias have breached and rebelled against all agreements and understandings concluded with the legitimate government, most recently is related to Al-Hudaydah and its ports (Stockholm Agreement) and the withdrawal stage play."
During his meeting with UN Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffith, in Riyadh, the Ymenei President added, "The total concessions made by the legitimate government to achieve peace have been met only with stubbornness and intransigence by the coupist Houthi militias."
The Yemeni President said that the Houthis have not abided by what was agreed in Stockholm concerning prisoners and detainees and impediment of the passage of humanitarian relief to all over Yemen.
Hadi reiterated the government's readiness to reopen internal flights to mitigate the suffering of citizens in all Yemeni provinces and airports, including the Sanaa Airport.
He stressed the Yemeni government's constant stance in support of all peace efforts as the first option and approach of the Yemeni people who are eager for security, stability and concord.
For his part, Griffith said, "The international community is closely watching the situation in Al-Hudaydah and steps to implement the Stockholm Agreement. We have relayed to the Houthis this fact and the imperative of them fulfilling their obligations even though that we are already behind the schedule."

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