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State of Law and Institutions

The Kingdom has proved beyond doubt that it is a state of law and institutions. It works to safeguard the security and development of the society according to a work system to introduce necessary reforms on the administrative and production systems, keep pace with the developments in other developed countries and open up to developed economies, in the light of a network of effective institutions, the institutional environment that forms the rule of law and the elaborate judicial system, modern legislations, effective frameworks and measures to combat corruption, credible and transparent fiscal and monetary policies, and solid institutional action that believes in the role of individuals in society and their ability to make change and exploit human abilities and mental and muscular skills to achieve different goals in public and private sector organizations.

That the criminal protection of human rights is the most severe form of legal protection ever, the State harnesses the rules of the criminal law to draw up the legal framework for the exercise of fundamental rights and freedoms, whose limits are committed to by both right holder and others. 

The Kingdom has adopted transparency and credibility as bases for handling various cases, Among these cases is that of the murder of citizen Jamal Khashoggi, which various parties attempted to take it to another course other than its real one, by throwing around accusations in order to prejudice the Kingdom's security, stability and international prestige, but all in vain. 

The Attorney General' announcement of starting the trial of the defendants in this case according to the legal proceeding and the Public Prosecution's demand to kill five detainees for being involved in the murder is an enforcement of laws and regulations and reflects transparency of dealing with them by announcing content of the trial against those who have been found guilty in that crime. This has withheld those whoever wanted to question the justice of the Saudi judiciary which is based on Sharia as the main source of litigation. 

It also confirms the proper approach pursued by the Kingdom to work very hard to consolidate the state of institutions and law in order to protect the rights and preserve the gains to ensure the sustainability of security, stability and prosperity which we live as reality.

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