Riyadh Daily
Ill-advised embassy move

Saudi Arabia had warned of the consequences of moving the US Embassy to occupied Quds since it contradicts international resolutions and further complicates the peace process. 
The negative fallouts of the move are much more than the positives, if any. The sole beneficiary is Israel because the relocation decision legitimizes its occupation of Palestine.
Moreover, the move sparks anger amongst more than two billion Muslims worldwide since the holy city of Al-Quds is home to the Third Holy Mosque, the farthest mosque to which the Prophet (peace be upon him) was taken in a sacred night-journey. Any attempt to legitimize occupation only leads to complications, violence, and counter-violence, and hinders all efforts to achieve peace.   
Saudi Arabia has adopted a firm stance throughout history as regards to the Palestinian question. It cannot ignore the Palestinians’ legitimate rights.
The international community must assume responsibility for implementing the relevant resolutions. Its credibility is at stake.

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