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Anti-Civilization Iran

The important civilizational transformations and the value and intellectual systems that affected man in every spot around the earth, and throughout eras, have created a formation for our modern world that has established a system with its determinants and patterns that regulate and govern the relations of its states, which ensures the sovereignty and security of each states away from any interference or guardianship; since that each member of this international family is bound by its moral obligations and obligations that guarantee its rights.

On the other hand - and with the idealism of the image of this international community and family – there is a clear threat every time, as we see heedless breaches or behaviors seeking to undermine those foundations regulating inter-state relations, especially the neighboring ones. 

There is nothing is more dangerous to the world with all its representations, spectrums and races than the extremist dogmatic thought. This extremist ideology insists on staying out of the human and civilizational system, while the countries of the world reconsider their goals, and strive to catch up with the developed nations involved in modernity and exploitation of knowledge and science, and re-position of their value and intellectual system that solidify the concept of tolerance, cooperation and peace with others.

All countries has arisen, out of their awareness of the dangers of the horrific epidemic, which ferociously swooped on all, to pool their efforts and energies to confront this epidemic and protect the lives of millions of people who are threatened to die. There has been exceptional efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which plays the most prominent, proactive and effective pivotal role in the face of this epidemic. 

The strongest and most effective decision was taken in its capital when it presided over the virtual extraordinary summit, and met with the heads of the Group of Twenty states to reach solutions that would ensure the elimination of the dangerous Corona virus, by the might of Allah. 

This summit culminated in the speech of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, that set the determinants, visions and exceptional support aimed at saving humanity from this deadly enemy. In this time, with its exceptional events and circumstances, the retrograde Iranian regime insists on confirming that it is outside any value, moral or even humane system. It has not only proven its failure to manage this pandemic that is daily destroying many of its citizens and threatening the rest; rather, it goes on with its floundering and barbarism with all meanness and political stupidity. It is neither a regime cooperating with the world in its crises, nor is neutral and suffices with its failure and negativity. 

It even tries to distract attention from its failure, emptiness and inefficiency by provoking unrest and causing harm to the Kingdom, which provides the world with great lessons in altruism, giving and service of humanity by mobilizing the energies, capabilities and funds to help the world out of the scourges of the virus, which has become the most prominent danger for the entire humanity, especially since there is no reliable treatment in sight.

As long as the world is aware of these heedless Iranian acts, the real confrontation has become the duty that does not accept postponement from the international community. The world is now shouldering moral and legal responsibility to face the challenge and evils of this blatant regime; otherwise we cannot expect a civilized world free of threat and unrest.

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