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Finding Balance during Ramadan

For many of us, Ramadan is one of the busiest times of the year: work continues to be endless while the time available to get it done is reduced, which is why we find that many people lose their balance and focus during the days of this holy month. To face these challenges and find the right balance, we just need to manage some simple aspects like monitoring our health, organising our bed time, making the most of our time by spending quality time with family and friends without any disturbance, and managing the time spent in front of our phone screens to ensure appropriate use.

To help you achieve all this and find the right balance while fasting, below are some features many of us are unaware of on iOS on iPhone and iPad:

Do Not Disturb

Iftar during Ramadan is a family occasion when all family members gather around the table to share their first meal of the day. To dedicate this time to your family without external distractions, we recommend activating the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone to make sure you are not disturbed by notifications or messages until you are finished with Iftar.

Monitor Screen Time

Many of us tend to spend most of our time during the fasting hours glued to our phone screens without even realising it, searching for entertainment, passing the time, or getting things done through apps. However, we must be careful to better manage the time we spend in front of our screens through the Screen Time feature available on iOS 12, which enables us to make the most of the time we spend on our devices.

Activate Bedtime

As the daily routine changes during the month of Ramadan, many people find it challenging to organise their bed time. Activating the Bedtime feature from the Watch app enables you to set the required amount of sleep every night, and reminds you when it is bed time. You can also analyse your daily sleep routine by inputting your data in the Health app to manage your sleeping hours, get a good night’s sleep, recover your physical energy, and find your balance.

Follow your daily routine in the Health app

To get off to a good start during the holy month, we recommend that you input data related to your daily routine in the Health app on your phone to access all your health data and set goals to achieve by the end of the month. The app connects other apps on your phone to help you follow your progress in four categories - Activity, Sleep, Mindfulness, and Nutrition - so you can evaluate yourself and improve your daily habits.

Activity category: One of the biggest mistakes people make during Ramadan is lack of physical activity with the excuse of fasting, which is why activating this feature in the Health app will show you your daily movement to help keep you motivated and active. The app combines activity data from your iPhone, such as steps and distance, with other activity data from third-party fitness apps on your phone as well as activity data from your Apple Watch to give you a summary of your daily activity and provide you with the motivation you need to keep going.

Mindfulness category: With the hectic daily routine in Ramadan, it is important to take a moment to breathe and quiet your mind to relieve stress and improve your overall health. To do this, you can use the Breathe app on your Apple Watch to overcome stress and stay centred throughout the day. You can also download Aura from the App Store, which offers meditation sessions that help you reduce stress, stay focused, and sleep better.

Nutrition category: Whether you want to track carbohydrates, calories, caffeine consumption, or any other nutrition metrics, the Health app makes it easy to manage your goals and accurately monitor what you eat. Other apps are also available on your device to help you control your diet. Download My Fitness Pal from App Store to calculate the calories you burn daily.

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