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Houthis Suicide

The Iranian-backed Houthis militias' attack on government buildings such as the port of Al-Hudaydah, reflects the desperation of the leadership of this criminal gang after a series of painful strikes by the National Army over the past few weeks.

The steps of the Houthis' suicide have not stopped at this point, but have gone to embark on the practical steps of a destructive scheme that is no less dangerous than their tampering with the Yemeni people's resources to target the international navigation lines and the international trade in the Bab al-Mandab Strait and the southern Red Sea, as well as exploding Safer Tank in Ras Isa which contains almost one million crude oil barrels, a matter which is environmentally and economically catastrophic for Yemen and countries of the region.

Despite its military collapse, the leadership of these criminal militias insists on destroying whatever is related to the Yemeni people, as if retaliating against this people who defeated the Iranian hegemony scheme. 

After bulldozing roads and streets and directing their elements to residential buildings and taking innocent civilians as human shields, the Houthis militias starting deploying anti-aircraft bases on the roofs of these buildings in a desperate attempt to influence the world public opinion through claiming injustice, which is the cornerstone of any Iranian strategy, no matter how times and conditions change.

Legally, the international community is facing a real test to spare the Yemeni people the Houthis rampage. The potential of an entire people cannot be held hostage by a criminal gang's feeling of bitter defeat. 

The Yemeni people demand that the international community has moral responsibility to pressure these criminal militias to immediately release the ships kept at the ports of Al-Hudaydah and Salif, and to allow them to unload their cargos to facilitate the access of food and relief assistance to citizens.

Burning and destroying Yemen was the major objective of Iran's Plan B in this Arab country in the event of the failure of the plan to seize it and turn it into a Persian base in the south of the Arabian Peninsula. 

This is currently being carried out by the Houthis terrorist elements which have found themselves stuck close to the end under the strikes of the National Army on the one hand, and waiting for death after the escape of their leaders and experts coming from Tehran disguised in women's clothes fearing the Yemeni people's anger on the other hand.

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