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A cheerful nation

The Saudi national football team threw pleasure and happiness everywhere in the country on Tuesday when it qualified for the 2018 World Cup as the first Arab team to reach such finals to be held in Russia.  

It is an exceptional achievement to reach the World Cup finals for the fifth time. Such achievement is attributable to the Saudi nation in one of the most important events worldwide. According to statistics, at least 2, 1 billion fans in 207 countries watch the final of the World Cup as an in-home television audience. This magnificent figure is an indicator for the importance of the World Cup with participants therein being under focus worldwide, in an extremely important opportunity for acquainting others with the participating nation's cultural accomplishments.    

Our national soccer team has pleased us. It has reached the finals in an international achievement recurring every four years. Football is no longer a marginal activity. It has become an industry having fundamentals, plans and strategies. In Brazil, for example, football accounts for 5% of the Total National Income. As a result, Brazil has ranked sixth amongst the largest economies worldwide. Football –related financial transactions amounted to more than $ 17 billion. In all countries of the world, football is viewed from an investable socioeconomic perspective to maximize gains.  

Those responsible for our national team must prepare it in the most optimum way. There is still time for reshaping the team to the satisfaction of fans. It may be difficult to win the World Cup, but we will not be satisfied with less than the satisfactory performance pleasing our audience. Priority is for good performance rather than results.   

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