Riyadh Daily
A liar never abandons telling lies

The Doha regime could not be honest enough even
for few moments. Not long after the call received by Crown Prince from Tamim,
the Qatari News Agency twisted the purport of the call, revealing Qatari
authorities' inability to stop telling lies.

The Qatari behavior is not surprising as the
Gulf, Arab, Muslim and international society is aware that the Qatari regime
survives on deceits and evading any serious commitments. We may remember the
warm smiles between Hamad and Qaddafi whose death was plotted by Qatar. 

The Kuwaiti Emir exerted tremendous efforts. He
continued his noble mission to resolve the crisis caused by Qatar's bad
behavior towards the Anti-terror Quartet despite the harm sustained by his
country owing to Doha's interventions and insults.
Qatar has not admitted its errors. Rather, it has continued to tell lies to maintain
its sabotage and destructive role in the neighbourly countries.

Instead of resorting to reason and respecting
other countries' sovereignty, unity and stability, Qatar has adopted a
double-standard approach. It has caused miseries, destabilized security,
empowered terrorism and instigated violence and extremism amongst Arabs and
Muslims. Qatar continues its nasty role which will ultimately backfire.

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