Riyadh Daily
Icon of stability

King Salman’s initiative to support Jordan has received welcoming Arab reactions. It confirms Saudi Arabia’s ability to unify the efforts to assist Arab countries and to form political coalitions enabling these countries to exit their crises.
Despite the repeated calls for activating the common action mechanisms, and while the repeated Arab-Arab conflicts and some countries’ policies have contributed to the crises of Arabs, Saudi Arabia takes the initiative of extending assistance to sister countries. The Kingdom has taken advantage of its strong international presence to support Arabs’ questions.  
History will tell the story of the Saudi leadership’s firm stances based on the strong belief in the shared fate when it comes to the relations with sister countries. That is why Saudi Arabia has become the target of campaigns attempting to affect its stances towards Arabs. Indeed, such stances stem from the strong belief in Arab unity and Islamic solidarity and serve the interests of the nation regardless of the shortcomings of some Arab regimes like the Syrian, Kaddafi and Qatari regime. Therefore, Saudi Arabia undertakes its leading role in achieving stability amongst Arabs and globally; and containing any emergent crisis affecting the interests of the region. Riyadh extends political and economic assistance in view of its strategic position at the Arab and international levels.

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