Riyadh Daily
Not the Homeland

There is too much noise made by others through cheap political means that try to distort the truth and get it out of its nature.
Perhaps this country has been destined to be the focus of light, effectiveness and importance, as it has become a model of the political entity firmly established by its noble values and the unity and cohesion of its members with its leadership via the moral and legal contract established by the spiritual and religious values created since the dawn of civilization and history for justice, charity, honesty and righteousness. These values have derived their legitimacy from our pure religious faith, our spiritual heritage and our inherited Islamic traditions, which urge chivalry,, duty, and cooperation among the members of society in synergy that strengthens the bonds of our political entity and brings together its ties by the great religion that is based on true justice and equality, not on newly created principles or class strife, or even laws that claim to protect freedoms and promote them through a lustrous passion that tickles the hopes of aspirants, or charming dreams that fancy the minds of the deceived.
We have been living, praise be to God, since the inception of this great entity by Brilliant Founder King Abdul-Aziz - God bless his soul - an exemplary unit on a solid foundation, by which the homeland is becoming more and more stable and cohesive, and a feeling that transcends its members to the highest national sensibilities. It has become a state of goodness, development, charity and benevolence for its citizens and the neighbors. The relations grow and transcend without treachery, annihilation and interference in the affairs of others, except with what brings beneficial effect that achieves charitable neighborhood and represents the values that is highlighted by our religion. Moralities are the starting point that brings to our state this sober-minded international weight that is weaved by an integrated, strong and peaceful society which is confident in its leadership's conduct on the path of development and giving, glorified by its modesty without subjugation, and sobriety without arrogance or pretense.
The fake claims of the "Canadian Foreign Ministry" will not be the first or the last. Mouths never shut. They try - in vain - to search for a role in the international policy arena through pale presence that uses false slogans through which it drives the naive herds on the way of slogans and ddisorientation in the emotional speech , forgetting that our country under its wise leadership calls for the virtues of deeds and words but it is not called, and leads advocates of good, right and beauty but it is not led.
Whoever gives lip service to the human rights in a manner that is least described to be cheap and delusive, realizes that in all countries of the world, the protection of the state for the rights of individuals depends on the performance of their duties. Logic dictates each individual's performance of duties to ensure their rights, a matter which translates that contractual relationship between the individual and the state.
It remains to emphasize that the Canadian stance represents blatant interference in our internal affairs which are a red line that we do not accept to be transgressed. It contradicts with the political and diplomatic codes of dealing among states. It reflects ignorance about the fact that our country does not accept any dictates or interference in its internal affairs. Its well-established experiment concerning justice and equality does not accept any bidding. It, praise be to God, has an independent judiciary that handles its issues justly and impartially, not differentiating between all its members who are all equal like the comb's teeth which are not lowered by their positions or any other consideration.
Perhaps the firm wise reaction of our wise leadership signifies a clear response and a message that our country is not shaken by disquieting news or fabricated political implications. We go on with our development and our great roles which represent the size and depth of our international strategic influence, and will never turn to such cheap means.

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