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Saudi Aviation Club forms a skydive committee‏

Under the direction of Prince Sultan bin Salman , Founder and Chairman of the Saudi Aviation Club,(SAC), a skydive committee was launched which would function under the aegis of the the Saudi Aviation Club.
The new committee will join the other four committees of the club such as  the Ultralight Committee, the General Aviation Committee, the Model Aircraft Committee and the Light Sport Aviation Committee.
The new committee aims to achieve safety and quality standards for skydivers, manages regulatory compliance and licensing according to the requirements of the United States Parachute Association, and partner with training and expertise entities in this field to provide theoretical and practical training at the highest academic and technical levels.
Captain Sulaiman Al Mutlaq was appointed to lead the Committee and Captain Rashid Marhabi is his assistant .
The Committee includes a skydive team under the umbrella of the Saudi Aviation Club, which became a member of USPA.
The Committee is concerned with the development of skydive practices, and the enhancement of communication between professionals and enthusiasts of the sport to achieve the mission of the club to support various types of air sports, and enhance the presence of skydiving participation and competition locally and internationally.
The Saudi Aviation Club is the first official aviation club in Saudi Arabia, operating as a non-profit and independent organization founded by Prince Sultan bin Salman.
SAC is one of the largest aviation clubs in the Middle East and a member of Fédération Aéronautique Internationale FAI. SAC main location is in Thumama airport just north of Riyadh.

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