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Iran’s destructive schemes

The repercussions of increased tension in the Middle East are difficult to gauge or guess. However, the fact known to all relevant parties is that Iran assumes a major role in destabilizing the security of the region and aggravating the sufferings of its peoples.  

Interferences by this outlawed country in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq have stirred up wars and caused political and economic collapse in these countries, making them lag behind for several decades while all countries in the world compete to occupy advanced positions in terms of sustainable development, production and excellence.   

Iran attempted to separate countries from their Arab sphere and convert their national institutions into tools for implementing a project based on domination and racial superiority.  By its alleged Islamic revolution, Iran attempted to gain the loyalty of Shia in other countries and turn Shia into enemies of their nations. However, the project failed in Gulf Arab countries owing to the awareness of Shia and their absolute loyalty to their countries.   

Iran managed to exploit the political environment and economic crises namely in Yemen and Lebanon where it had imposed its agents on the ground. The roles of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Houthis in Yemen expanded gradually. They undermined stability in both countries and in the region.   

All these facts help understand the purports of the tour made by Ali Akbar Velayati Advisor to the Supreme Leader, in Eastern Ghouta and Damascus. He was speaking about Syria as if it is an Iranian territory. Meanwhile, Iran’s embassy in Sanaa has become a training center for Houthis in their war against Yemenis and in firing the Iranian missiles toward the Kingdom.  

The international community must take a firmer stance against Iran’s arrogance. The Iranian destructive project must be stopped and affairs must be restored to normal in the agitated region. In brief, Tehran must be deterred.

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