Riyadh Daily
Crossing cultural boundaries

Cultural diversity does not mean disharmony of any kind. On the contrary, it promotes interaction, exploration and discovery. Each culture has its own distinguishing characteristics.
Addressing guests at the Janadriyah Festival, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman emphasized that cultural diversity enriches common understanding.
Cultural interaction helps pave the way for peace and coexistence among nations based on mutual respect between peoples of the world. It is an important factor to help people play constructive roles, rather than be destructive. Therefore, any talk of “conflict of cultures” will only broaden the gap between nations.  
International relations rely on several pillars. One of them is culture, which is essentially the people’s identity – inspired by the past, serving the present, and preparing for the future. Culture is an accumulation of intellectual achievements passed on through the generations. In this sense, culture is a continuous experience which is renewable and flexible. It can accommodate new thought, without prejudice to social principles.  
When King Salman underscores the importance of a shared human dimension of culture, away from what is often touted as “conflict of cultures,” he speaks as an intellectual, fully aware that culture is a bridge to spread peace, security and prosperity among nations.

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