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Thousands attend Bahrain's Anime & Gaming Convention "Animania"

Animania is a convention that was initiated by Bahraini anime fans in 2010 to grow today to welcome thousands of anime lovers, gamers, and cosplay interested individuals. 

The event took place in Bahrain International Circuit , 28th & 29th of September, and it was intended to gather like minded groups to participate in a fun, self- expressing event. 

Wearing the costumes of the characters one’s admire, might be an outlet to most of the younger generations that adopted video games as a part of the culture and day to day life. 

This year the event was sponsored by Major General Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Deputy Inspector General.

The event was attended by the voice actor Doug Cockle, who have done the voice of Gerald in the Witcher. 

As well as, famous social media influencers like Bader Salih, Hasan Mohd a Bahraini actor, Attalla a rapper and MC. Where Samar Almeer, is the founder of the anime and gaming convention (Amimania), did an amazing job with the help of other anime lovers to make this amazing event happen.

Samar Almeer. Founder of Animania Bahrain 

Photos taken by:

Abdullah Alnemer

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