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Iraq and Chaos Pitfalls

Iraq seems as if deprived of a moment of calm and stability, as it is now experiencing a period of turmoil and tension whose possible repercussions on the political and security situation in Mesopotamia cannot be measured now the.

Those who care about the stability of this dear country worry that the popular protests aviate from their path to turn into an uncontrollable state of violence and chaos, a matter which cannot be ruled out while there are countries and entities that are not happy with the independence or stability of Iraq, and want it to remain an arena for their agenda and projects in which Iraq has no interest.

The popular demands to combat corruption are legitimate and unquestionable. The Iraqi people have the right to have their demands and concerns considered away from political conflicts and personal benefits.

Such protests may be the gate for a poisonous wind seeking to invest in the current turmoil to reproduce a weak Iraq under the wing of the Republic of Mullahs, stop the march of Iraqi politics to regain their vital and independent role in the region, away from the polarization game.

The Iraqis are now aware about their real enemy. Buring the Iraqi flag in the current demonstrations clearly reflects the popular rejection of the malicious Iranian role.

The Iraqi government and the entire political class should read these signals well and start reviewing the political and governmental performance to achieve the popular demands.

Perhaps the most important of these demands is ending the state of subordination to Iran and the mullahs. This will be the most important step to be taken by Iraq on its way back to the era of free, independent safe Iraq.

The stability of Iraq is an Arab, regional and international interest, so everyone, except for the patrons of chaos, hope that this crisis will end peacefully and that Iraq will be out of it safe, more powerful and independent.

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