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Pakistan Scholars Council praised MWL's modern vision to confront Safavid terrorism

Pakistan Scholars Council (PSC) affirmed that the modern vision of the Muslim World League has achieved in a record time great accomplishments in confronting the penetration of the Safavid terrorism. The Council stated that MWL succeeded in less than two years in standing against this safavid terrorism, which hates and fights the all, and what MWL has achieved is appreciated from every peace loving in all over the world.
The President of PSC, Sheikh Muhammad Tahir Al-Ashrafi, said that at the local level MWL corrected many misconceptions raised by the enemies of Islam about Islam. Sheikh Al-Ashrafi added that the Secretary General of MWL, Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa has always explained that Islam is the religion of peace, love, tolerance and harmony. All whoever declares the Monotheism (Tawhid) is a Muslim unless if a clear complete contradiction of this (Tawhid) is applied. The differences in some scientific and intellectual issues should not be a cause of conflicts and discords. All the Islamic diversities are under the banner of Islam, including the Shiite doctrine, and there are many common denominators among the Islamic sects in the perimeter of the Islamic guidance. The dispute is with the abhorrent sectarianism and with those who exceeds the limits of Islam, violates the sanctity of Islam , and encroaches on the symbols of Islam, which are things does not at all compatible with the values of Islam and Muslims. Nevertheless, the majority of non-Muslims deals with Muslims in good manners and respects their symbols and sanctities except for a few ignorant group that may have malicious aims.
Sheikh Al-Ashrafi added that the basis of disagreement with the "abhorrent sectarianism" category is the ideological and systematic extremism and the terrorist practices. This category is isolated in the concept of real Islam and have been socially ignored by the majority of moderate Muslims. They have only a little influence on some few poor people who may follow them because of the money temptation or because of their ignorance resulting from their lack of education and knowledge. He added that the Safavids still embrace and work by this backward sectarian ideology, which its level of backwardness is evident by the hostility, the hatred and the attempt to inflame conflicts and clashes. They apply that with all who disagrees with them and their aim is to destabilize security and stability in their areas of expansion. In these areas of expansion, they exploit the poor people immorally for their need of money to gain an obligatory obedience and force them to embrace their abhorrent sectarianism, which the Shiite scholars and wise men have always condemned and warned of it. It is obvious that this safavid sectarian system seeks through its sneaky infiltration to recruit partisan entities to carry and apply its extremist ideology especially in some Arab and Muslim countries. While they were doing so, they were effectively challenged and defeated by the Muslim World League by its clear, proper and civilized approach and by its influential presence, which easy the acceptance of MWL in the Islamic world.
Sheikh Al-Ashrafi added that MWL made a pivotal, major role in in clarifying the truth of our religion, which is peaceful and loving religion for all and believes in the diversity among all. MWL also held many important conferences and contributed in many others around the world to call and promote for tolerance and moderation among all and MWL succeeded in that by combining calling with respect and promoting with good manners. Sheikh Al-Ashrafi said that this approach by MWL has a vision in these ways and methods applied to spread religious and intellectual moderation, fighting sectarianism and extremist ideology and reveal all counterfeit plans and slogans supported by individuals, groups or states in a wise and confident, peaceful way under direct supervision of SG of MWL Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa.
Sheikh Al-Ashrafi point out the concern of Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa to explain the mission of MWL, which is showing the truth of Islam as a moderate and peace-loving religion and counter radical and terrorist ideas, including the voices of Islamophobia and religiophobia. Sheikh Al-Ashrafi concluded what he stated by describing the Muslim World League as the ministry of foreign affairs for the Islamic World by doing all these great and appreciated efforts to serve Islam and Muslims around the world with an ideal, respected reputation and a trusted name.

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