Talat Hafiz
Saudi Arabia opening up its economy with health measures

The Saudi government has decided to gradually reduces its Coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions measures related to opening the economy and returning to normal life in the Kingdom, this to include but not limited to adjusting the curfews hours.

In this regard, the government based its decision on directives and reports submitted by the health authorities in the Kingdom who were managing the virus (Covid 19) and taking responsibility of preventing it from spreading.

Among the relaxed precautions measures in all cities of the Kingdom (except in the Holy City of Makkah) in addition to lifting the curfews partially, returning some of the commercial and economic activities to work.

Such relaxed measures will be implemented on several stages to ensures that they are working for the best of the people and their health in addition to the economy.

Also, among the mitigation measures, are to allow individuals to move between regions and cities in the Kingdom by their private car during the period of non-curfew and allowing worshipers to perform prayers, including Friday’s prayers in all mosques of the Kingdom, except in mosques in the city of Makkah. 

Part of the relaxed measures is to lift limitation of the workers and employee’s attendance suspension to (ministries, government agencies and private sector companies), lifting the suspension of domestic flights and lifting the suspension of travel between regions by different means of transportation.

It is worth noting that the while the government is easing the curfews as well as easing the restrictions on commercial and economic activities in the country, however, it still continues to force the health measures that prevent the Coronavirus from spreading. As such the government has advised individuals. Businesses’ owners to observe health precautions measures.

It is believed that by opening up the economy gradually and at the same time observing the health measures that prevent the spread of virus COVID-19 such physical spacing and paying attention to the personal cleanliness, the Kingdom will succeed in recording excellent achievement in connection with combating the virus and at same time return life in Kingdom back to normal.

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