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Lankan expats in Riyadh,Dammam celebrate New Year

Sri Lankan expatriates celebrated their National New Year, Aluth Avuruddha , in a fitting manner in the central and Eastern Provinces of the Kingdom.
The events organized by the community were held under the patronage of the country’s Ambassador Azmi Thassim during the weekends in Riyadh and Dammam.
Speaking at the event held in Riyadh, Ambassador Thassim said the celebrations of the New Year reflect the communal amity among the three major communities, Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim in the island.
“It is interesting to see children of all three communities participating on a common platform on cultural, social and recreational activities of the country,” the envoy said, stressing that his country believes in “One nation and one people” concept.
The celebrations included cultural programs depicting patriotism of the country and traditional games such as tug-of-war, pillow fighting, bun-eating race, marathon and fancy dress competition among children.
The winners of the four-kilometer marathon  included, Moorthi Thayaparan, Harshana and Daniyal Thasleem, who got a bicycle each as winning prizes.

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