By: Lama Al-Dosari
Is working from home should be your next career choice?

In a world where people are dependent on the internet, it is no surprise that some found a way to use it for their benefit and to make money. Form advertisement, tutoring to even answering emails, blogging, and making YouTube videos. One can do these jobs from the comfort of their own home.
When it comes to finding an online job, the possibilities are endless. Websites like FlexJobs are called job boards, which help in finding online jobs. In addition, by listing one's skills and the kind of job that suits them, they limit their job search. They can also do that by listing the kind of companies they would like to work for, and looking into their websites. When searching for online jobs one must be careful of fraudulent websites and false advertisement. One can detect these kinds of websites by a few red flags. For instance, if the company does not have an interview process, a contract, and they ask for credit card information or social security number it is highly probable that it is a fraud organization. To avoid these fraudulent organization search for the company and look into their website. Also, search for employees' experience with the company.
J.C is a mother who shared her story. Saying" I did not know anybody who worked from home at the time." When asked how she found out she could work from home she replied, "I found out by accident. I was surfing the internet and I found out that people were working and getting paid." She continued, "I had just quit a well-paying job as a social worker because the workload was too stressful. I was chatting with my friends online and it took off from there." Her first job was on a website called "Baby to be" where she worked as a customer service agent.  J.C has been working from home and making money since 2003. Now, she works as an online tutor while studying education in college. She said," This job provides me with the opportunity to teach. I always wanted to teach international students. This website is like a door until I get my degree." She added, "It is a fun job because I love people and I love to teach."
Whether one is looking for a new career choice or just wants to make extra money. Getting an online job could be perfect. One can experience life and still have a job that helps them express their creativity and make money. Also, online jobs are a guarantee to meet new people.

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