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Iran… Seat of Danger

The pressure of the international community continues on Iran, which goes on with its terrorist plans, as it become a den for making and exporting terrorism to countries of the world, a center for exporting the sectarian agenda, and a seat of threat to international peace and security.

The Council of Ministers, during its meeting the day before yesterday, headed by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz called on the international community to compel Iran to respect the sovereignty of the Middle East countries, respect international laws and treaties, and desist from destabilizing the region.

The European trio of France, Britain and Germany also announced the activation of the mechanism of resolving the nuclear dispute with Iran due to violating its obligations to the nuclear agreement and its terms, which means returning the Iranian nuclear file to the UN Security Council, and the possibility of re-imposing international sanctions on Iran as they were lifted thanks to the agreement.

The Iranian regime suffers from internal crises and files, most notably corruption, unemployment and poverty. It is trying to export its internal crises and mislead its people, but the Iranian people are aware of these attempts, especially with the regime's continued military escalation against major countries, especially the United States of America. 

This is something that aggravates the economic troubles of the Iranian people, who suffer from the deterioration of their currency and increased unemployment rate. 

Therefore, demonstrations took place on the Iranian streets these days after the regime tried to keep quiet for several days, and not to recognize the downing of the Ukrainian passenger plane. Demonstrators chanted "Death to the Dictator" in addition to slogan against the Revolutionary Guards, and called for a transparent investigation into the behavior of their terrorist regime. 

Everyone knows that the Iranian regime, since the Khomeini revolution, continues to threaten the security and stability of states in the region, especially the Gulf States, and to stir up sectarian strife. 

Its terrorism and reckless adventures are no longer confined to neighboring countries, as they have expanded to the countries of the world. Recent incidents, such as targeting the two Saudi Aramco facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais, downing the Ukrainian plane, failure to respect the ceiling of its uranium stockpile or enrichment ratios, have proven the danger and lying of this regime. 

The international community has no choice but to stick together to take deterrent measures against Iran's persistent practices, and to confront the Iranian plan that threatens the world's security and stability.

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