COL Turki Al-Malki

Riyadh - SPA
Royal Saudi Air Defense Intercepts and Destroys Ballistic Missiles Launched from (Sanaa) Toward the Kingdom

Statement by the Official Spokesman of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen COL Turki Al-Malki:

“At (0030), the Royal Saudi Air Defense intercepted ballistic missiles launched by the terrorist Iran-backed Houthi militia towards Saudi cities.

The missiles were launched in a systematic, deliberate manner to target cities and civilians, which is a flagrant defiance of the International Humanitarian Law.

The Capital (Sanaa) has become a Houthi militia assembly, installation and launching hub for ballistic missiles that target the Kingdom. The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition has exercised extreme prudence and self-restraint in dealing with the violations of the Houthi militia through launching ballistic missiles, UAVs and Remote Controlled exploding boats.

The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition will continue to apply and implement all decisive and rigorous measures, in accordance with the International Humanitarian Law, to protect Coalition States’ nationals and expatriates from such barbaric attacks.”

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