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Qatar parroting Iranian slander

Ever since the anti-terror alliance took a firm stand against Qatar’s terrorism-leaning policies, Doha’s media puppets have gone overdrive in their vilification campaign against these countries. These media organs are well-versed in the game of mud-slinging, and are using their expertise to their fullest in spreading falsehoods against the alliance.

Qatar has been falsely led to believe that such a slanderous campaign will break the back of the alliance and make it withdraw the boycott. But sadly for Doha, this has not happened nor will it ever happen. The alliance is steadfast in maintaining the boycott until Qatar stops being a key supporter of terrorist organizations. 

Qatar’s rampaging campaign covers a wide field – from sports, to the economy, to human rights. But what has crossed all boundaries is its latest campaign seeking to “internationalize” the holy sites in Makkah and Madinah. This new drive is a clear indication that Qatar has run out of ideas for its smear campaign and has now resorted to echo an age-old cry of the Iranian regime. 

It is well known to both the Qatari and Iranian regimes that Saudi Arabia, its leadership, and its people will accord the utmost care to the two Holy Mosques. The two regimes are also well aware that Saudi Arabia, since its foundation, has been dedicating all human and material resources to serve pilgrims and visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque.

Therefore, any remarks about the internationalization of the two Holy Mosques are unrealistic and hold no water. Even responding to such bizarre statements is a simple waste of time. Instead, the Kingdom will continue to utilize its time in further advancement of pilgrim services in the holy places.

The Islamic world has risen to condemn Qatar for its appalling behavior and rash declarations – which are in essence a mirror image of the Persian discourse spearheaded by Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini and his followers to cover up their own failings. Whatever may it be, Qatar has acted irresponsibly by making reprehensible observations that harm Muslims and hurt their religious sentiments.

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