Riyadh workshop discusses anti-trafficking steps

More than 60 legal experts from the Kingdom met in Riyadh over the last two days to discuss the best ways to address the problem of human trafficking and on taking care of the victims.
The workshop, organized by the Human Rights Commission, in association with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Abu Dhabi, addressed the global framework for the prevention of human trafficking. It discussed various legal measures to be taken against traffickers, as well as the role of anti-trafficking organizations in the fight against such crimes.
Other key issues discussed were the collection of evidence and interviewing of victims, mechanisms for the protection and support of victims, the role of prosecutors in the investigation and referral phase, the role of the judicial system in convicting perpetrators and protecting victims, and national cooperation and coordination in combating trafficking.
The workshop comes within the framework of the national plan to combat human trafficking for the 2017-2020 period. Among those who participated were 14 judges from the Supreme Judicial Council of the Ministry of Justice, 20 specialists from the Ministry of Interior,15 members of Public Prosecution, 20 specialists from the Ministry of Labor, and eight representatives of licensed recruitment companies.

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