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144 Types of Coral Reefs Enhance Tourism Experience of the Red Sea Amaala Project

In view of its natural and rich resources, Amaala project, located on the Red Sea, was designed to enhance the tourism experience throughout the year and its coral reefs constitute about 6.2% of the world's coral reefs.

Amaala project embraces more than 144 types of coral reefs, including solid, soft, branched and submerged coral colonies. The project's administration is embarked on conducting research and initiatives to protect marine resources with a view to preserve the world's oceans. In this regard, four main fields of joint work and exploration, namely management of coral reefs, protection of rare and distinctive species, management of marine reserves, and combating plastic pollution have been identified.

As part of Prince Mohammad bin Salman Natural Reserve, the project, stretching on the north-western coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is formed as a hidden jewel in the heart of the scenic nature, amidst an enchanting scenery, extending over an area of 4,155 square kilometres, providing a unique touristy experience throughout the year, as it includes more than 2,500 hotel rooms and more than 800 villas, apartments and houses, in addition to 200 modern stores and restaurants, as well as a recreation and entertainment center, all featuring the highest levels of luxury, enjoyment and vacating.

The Triple Bays, the Coastal Development and the Island constitute the three destinations of Amaala, providing different and amazing experiences for visitors.

With its finest modern medical and diagnostic facilities and authentic treatments, the Triple Bays, the project's first destination, is carefully designed to suit the needs of the local environment, and serve as an integrated destination for health and recreation. The Coastal Development, Amaala's second destination, will become a Middle East pivotal center for culture and contemporary arts as it hosts programs as well as an unparalleled array of international cultural and artistic activities and events. Distinguished by its unique location, The Island, the third destination, is set to become an inspiring place for an exceptional arts community as it accommodates Arabic botanical gardens that are surrounded by works of art and wonderful sculptures.

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