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Arab Solidarity…Reality

"The Arab solidarity" is a phrase we have been hearing and chanting for decades. We almost never see it as a reality. The current Arab situation is far from solidarity in the true sense we aspire. Coordination among Arab countries is at its lowest level, as everyone is busy their internal affair and tries to raise it to the extent possible, along with maintaining (Solidarity) as a principle that can be taken in some cases.

What dispels suspicions and gives hopes is that the Arab solidarity has been becoming a tangible reality fulfilled and seen. This is what has already happened through the aid package approved by the Fourth Makkah Summit last Ramadan, which included, along with the Kingdom, Kuwait, the UAE and Jordan to advance the Jordanian economy.

This initiative embodied the Arab solidarity that we feared it to turn into a meaningless phrase. Yet, that aid package came to prove to us without doubt that solidarity was sent back from the land of the Two Holy Mosques, Saudi Arabia, and with the support of the brothers who see solidarity as an essential element for the Arab reunion as it should be.

The Arab solidarity is not limited to the financial support by countries to one another, but goes far to all that matters to Arab countries and the Arab citizen, whether in political situations or economic crises and even social transformations, as they are all connected to the principle of solidarity in its comprehensive sense that fulfills our hope to be one nation that perform its proper roles, and achieves the concepts of security, stability and prosperity that could be real if the Arab countries thought to follow the example of the Kingdom and the Gulf States which have not deviated from reunion, but they have been acting against the Arab interest by behaving inappropriately in an un-Arab manner, a matter which would have turned the Arab situation much better than it is now.

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