Makkah - SPA
Inspired by Islamic Heritage, Modern Architecture Adorns Grand Mosque's Northern Expansion

The architectural details are mixed with the longstanding Islamic heritage to decorate the various walls, domes and artifacts across the Grand Holy Mosque while considering the flow of air and natural light.
The General Presidency for the Grand Holy Mosque and the Prophet's Holy Mosque seeks to intensify cleaning, sanitizing and perfuming operations around the clock, ensure the operation of Zamzam water drinks, secure containers, equip doors, and provide carpets in all praying places and wash all roofs on all multi-floor expansions, where teams are allocated to monitor the operation of escalators, service elevators and indoor and outdoor lighting systems to ensure the clarity of the sound systems and the operation of the air conditioning system according to the standards that take into consideration the temperature of weather and air purity.
The presidency provided electric vehicles for persons with disabilities in all praying places and two ambulance rooms equipped with modern health equipment, cardiac electric shock devices, and Automated External Defibrillators (AED) spread across the northern expansion, as well as providing entrances, exits and toilets for persons with disabilities to suit their different needs.
The Northern Expansion Agency at the presidency supervises receiving visitors of the northern expansion of the Grand Holy Mosque within a system of field services, systematic plans, automated equipment and human resources of engineers, technicians, supervisors and labourers working around the clock for the comfort and safety of visitors.
Undersecretary of the President for the Northern Expansion Hmoud bin Saleh Al-Iyadah said that the presidency is keen on providing all services that can ensure the conformity and safety of visitors of the Grand Holy Mosque, benefit from feedback to develop all works and services, identify the needs necessary for the quality of outcomes, and activate cooperation with relevant departments and administrations in enriching the experience of visitors of the Grand Holy Mosque to provide all capabilities in offering services that can meet the needs of visitors until reaching full development of services at the Two Holy Mosques.

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