Prof. Fahad M. Al-Otaibi*
In Saudi measures against coved 19: People First

Many of the measures that have been taken by Saudi Arabia since the spread of the Corona virus have aimed to protect human beings, whether they are Saudi citizens or a residents living in the Kingdom, or visitors to it, and these measures - thank God - have led to the Kingdom's success in dealing with this epidemic.  

It is known that, at the top of the priorities of our government is the two Holy Mosques and their visitors; accordingly the two Holy Mosques were sterilized, and many precautions were taken that aimed at the safety of their visitors.  

Then the decision to stop Umrah was reached to prevent overcrowding and the major spread of the virus, especially since some of the countries where Muslims come are infected.  

Students and teachers were not also forgotten, hence, schools and universities were stopped, and electronic alternatives are activated to complete the educational process in a healthy atmosphere that does not transmit infection. 

Gathering was prevented even in mosques, and travailing was suspended ... etc. 

Not only this, but The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, has made his orders to treat all COVID-19 patients for free. 

The Royal order involves providing the necessary medical care for anybody who tests positive for disease, or is a suspected case, including violators of residence, labor, or border security laws. 

They shall all be treated at the public and private hospitals and healthcare centers free of charge, and without any legal liability whatsoever. 

This order is meant to ensure health security for the Kingdom’s citizens and residents.

Prof. Fahad M. Al-Otaibi

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