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The phase of COVID-19's Media

COVID-19 Shock and Impact

In late 2019 and the beginning of 2020, some news about a new virus called 

COVID-19 virus that spread in one Chinese city Wuhan, at that time seemed to be the capabilities of the Chinese government, as previous experience with other viruses such as CORONA-1و (BSE) (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy),…etc. add to that the support of a huge industry of technology and artificial intelligence that could help to overcome this case and to end such matters soon. 

The shock was the virus spread in many places of China and as well in many other countries of the world and keep up increasing in a troubled manner as reported, which constituted shock and fears.

Anticipation and caution

A phase of anticipation and caution began by some countries, and they started to take some simple precautionary measures, then keeping monitoring the situation and following reports coming from China, international organizations, and other countries that to be analyzed and then preparing an emergency plan after making sure of the real status of this new epidemic.

Searching for the news

The world started the next stage of searching for the correct and real news, reports, and information,

Then, news frequency about infected cases and deaths from countries far from China where the virus is already spreading and cases are recorded, like that time the international media controversy began about the cause and who is the offender?

Media speaker and the Precaution

Things became clearer, and the virus seemed to not only across borders it is also, even across the continents, and the public started also, to be more wondering and inquiring,

At that time, the media speaker began to appear by health ministries in most countries of the countries that reporting and informing daily, and then it was eased weekly about the situation locally and intentionally.

Awareness (risks), warning, and precautionary decisions were shocking and unpredictable, even if they were related to a time or a temporary. As well the web pages appeared that show and tracking the numbers and the cases all over the world.

COVID-19's Media lessons

The effect of the COVID -19 virus was on all aspects of life, but most notice that the media had started a new formation and delivered a new media product that based as we mentioned on the number's language, awareness, decisions, popular interaction (feedback) and field reports.

On the other hand, marketing and advertising of items that related to the case or services that to be provided in supporting the public during home quarantine also, take place.

However, the competitive advantage between the media or the creating of media content is precession and precision, and this is what the world needs most in the future. So, the media professionals should utilize the phase of COVID-19's Media and its lessons to build on that their plan and their reactions with such new or similar cases.

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