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Problem and Solution

The tension in the region is still standing and is ready to stand more as long as the language of the threat persists with response and counter-response. 

The Arab world in general - and the Gulf region in particular - is still in the circle of instability as a result of the policies that have brought nothing but ruin and destruction to the region.

Fairly, Iran is the first behind the instability of the region by its blatant interference in the affairs of the Arab countries in an attempt to extend its expansionist influence which it believes will lead to the restoration of the glories of the superannuated Persian Empire. 

With this interference through its arms, Iran tried to take hold of several Arab countries in order to cause a rift in the Arab body, and it achieved its end. 

Yet, the Arab peoples in those countries got fed up with Iran's practices and control even over their living by preventing and permitting, which led them to rise up and resist the Iranian existence in their countries. 

That is something that should have happened sooner or later. The Iranian regime did not consider the repercussion of its interference. 

Rather, its uncalculated policies bounced back to it, as the Iranian people rose against this regime, rejecting its policies that wasted the Iranian people's fortunes on expansion projects with no permanent results, but if they were measured by the principle of profit and loss, they would not have profits. 

No matter hard the Iranian regime try to extend its interference in the affairs of other countries, the day will come when it will find itself thrown out.

The Iranian regime is the problem and does not have the solution, and if it goes further, it will complicate matters. 

The only solution for Iran is to return to its normal size and not to try to be a great power without having the necessary drivers. The international community will never allow Iran to go beyond its natural place, although it did not deter the Iranian regime earlier.

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