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Leapfrog to Future

The leapfrogs, achieved by the Kingdom during the reign of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, through the ambitious plans represented by Vision 2030 adopted by His Highness the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who directly supervises its implementation, have made our country in the focus of the eyes of the world which admires the quantum leaps that have occurred and are planned to occur.

Our country, praise be to God, is moving rapidly towards the future with clear features that have begun to form. This is evidenced only by the Neom Tabuk project, which was only announced only ten months ago by the Crown Prince.

The project received a royal visit in which a Cabinet's session was held. This means that the wheel of this project have already been set in motion during a record period in the lifetime of giant projects across the world.

With determination and insistence and the ambitious vision coupled with sound planning, a phase has been implemented of the project which is the largest in the Middle East and perhaps the whole world.

To have the courage to transform a region that was forgotten for decades, despite its strategic location and unusual environment, into a tourist and technical attraction, is not as easy as it seems at first sight.

The project will combine smart and cultural infrastructures in a modern mixture that fits the future of the project and opens the door for innovation.

Experts say: "The cost of such mega projects is not considered. It's only the benefits that are considered and that will be brought by the Neom Tabuk project for the economy. Costs depend on the population, the nature of jobs, tourism and productivity.

Thus, it is not cost, but investment in the future. We, in our country, are proud of the past. We enjoy the present and live in the future."

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