Exclusive Interview: KES Expands Business and Partnerships in Saudi Arabia

Exclusive Interview: KES Expands Business and Partnerships in Saudi Arabia

Koch Engineering Solutions (KES) recently launched its corporate offices and manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia, which will serve as a technology, solutions, and services hub for the region. The facility, located in Dammam 2nd Industrial City, will focus on innovation in industries such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, and power.

We caught up with Hussain Al-Salahi, Director of KES in Saudi Arabia, to learn more about the potential he sees in the Kingdom today, the company's expansion plans, and its latest partnership with Aramco. Al-Salahi emphasizes that KES is looking to develop long-lasting partnerships through its presence in the Kingdom, and is committed to bringing its environmental mission to the country in line with Vision 2030.

For those unfamiliar with KES, tell us a bit about the company’s work in KSA today?

Koch Engineered Solutions is an integrated solution provider for technology, equipment, services and construction. Our solutions aim to reduce emissions, increase efficiency, and provide leading technologies for our partners and customers in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and power industries, among others. We also support our customers to improve performance in various areas such as managing water consumption, reducing emissions and increasing energy efficiency.

Our portfolio includes areas of mass transfer, combustion equipment, emission control, and advanced technologies in digital solutions and inspection. We are able to harness the expertise and resources of the KES family of companies; thirteen businesses that provide a range of solutions from pollution control to advanced filtration, helping industries optimize, transform, and succeed.

With the backing of Koch Industries, we are able to offer our customers and partners direct access to commercial and operational excellence, innovation, and unrivaled talent in the industries we serve.

What services is the new KES facility bringing to the Kingdom? Can you elaborate on your partnership with Aramco?

We launched our corporate offices in Saudi during 2016 starting with unique talent in specialized fields. Today, these offices are co-located with Koch Engineered Solutions Middle East Industrial manufacturing facility at Dammam 2nd Industrial City. The facility will serve as a technology, solutions, and services hub for KES in the region. Industries covered will include oil & gas, petrochemicals, and power.

Our team has been providing our services in the Kingdom and throughout the GCC region for the past seven years. We are expanding our talent further in highly-specialized technology and industry areas, enabling us to provide higher value to the industries we serve. Moreover, this facility enables the expedited establishment of KES manufacturing capability, and accelerates our business development in the region.

Why is it important for KES to expand its business in the Kingdom specifically?

We have been supporting the refining and petrochemical industries in Saudi Arabia for decades, but were yet to establish our local presence. Now that we have, our goal is to develop long-lasting partnerships for mass transfer, combustion equipment, installation and construction, digital and analytics solutions, education and training. Our local presence will enable us to better understand the industry challenges and anticipate the most effective solutions. We will also have the opportunity to proactively support our customers with their day-to-day needs.

We strongly believe that the expertise we bring can provide unrivaled value to various operations across the Middle East. We are proud of the work we do in our mission to help people improve their lives by providing products and services that consume fewer resources.

This mission starts with innovation, where our teams work around the clock to discover technologies and methods that create more value for our customers while minimizing waste and improving the environmental performance and effectiveness of products and processes. This ultimately benefits customers, employees, investors, and the communities we operate in.

We take our environmental mission seriously and are proud to have launched our operations in a country that has set ambitious sustainability targets as part of its Vision 2030. Bringing these practices to our operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a natural progression as the goals of the Saudi Green Initiative include achieving net zero emissions by 2060, and reducing carbon emissions by more than 278 million tons a year by 2030. We believe that we have what it takes to be a strong partner and contributor in these areas.

How can KES support the National Industrial Development and Industries Program as part of Vision 2030?

Koch adapts the philosophy of ‘Principle Based Management’. We believe in creating superior value and preferred partnerships through value creation. Our culture and philosophy require the contribution of motivated professionals who will strive to create higher value while using lesser resources, thus reducing waste and helping the industries we serve to reduce emissions and become more energy efficient.

Through KES Middle East, we are able to provide technology and solutions locally to meet the unique growth demands of the region. As an example, early investment in our people allowed us to support the industry with hands-on expertise in specialized fields during the COVID-19 lockdown. We certainly continue to invest in people to deliver more value. Our team grew more than tenfold in the past two years.

Our teams are working closely with the oil & gas and petrochemical industries for a range of technologies including the use of digital solutions and artificial intelligence (AI) for emissions reduction and energy efficiency. Our local presence gives us a prime venue to connect and exchange knowledge with the various stakeholders in the industry. This knowledge exchange helps us understand the challenges the industry is facing, which in turn allows us to evaluate and provide solutions to mitigate these challenges.

In the end, our ongoing work and development efforts are a natural drive in line with the National Industrial Development and Industries program.

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