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Maximum Pressure

It is clear that the Iranian regime is still carrying out its agenda to spread chaos in the region in order to achieve the principle of "exporting the revolution", which it has embracing since 1979 and is still trying to implement it.

That principle has resulted only devastation and destruction wherever it is. It aims to control over the resources of countries and harness them for its own good to expand in the region to the detriment of other peoples and their interests. 

This regime did not account for the uprising of the peoples against it and its and its proxies. These peoples are certain that the Iranian regime does not want to achieve their interests and aspirations as much as it wants them to be subordinate to it, depleting their resources and spreading division among its segments to extend its influence on them.

The latest development in Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon are only a realistic embodiment of the uprising of peoples against the Iranian regime and its followers. Peoples have run out of patience and realized that the Iranian regime does not seek their interests, but on the contrary seeks to control their countries to implement its plans without considering their realities or requirements. They have defied all circumstances, exposing themselves to several dangers in order to rise up against the Iranian regime and its representatives.

Minister al-Jubeir's press statements on Iran came in a realistic way that diagnosed illness and medicine when he said: "Iran believes in the principle of exporting the revolution and does not respect the sovereignty of states. We must be strict with Iran and no one is seeking war." 

Indeed, strictness with Iran It is the only solution to make it back out its plans and objectives. That strictness, represented in heavy sanctions have borne fruit when the Iranian people rose up against their regime, which squandered their wealth and interfered in the affairs of the countries of the region.

Minister al-Jubeir talked about the "maximum pressure" campaign on the Iranian regime in the sense of tightening sanctions on it, drying up the sources of its income and disrupting its suspicious nuclear program. Then, this regime will not be able to implement its plans and will groan under the pressure, which will lead it to reconsider its wrong calculations.

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