Riyadh "Riyadh Daily"
Capital of Arab Women

Declaring Riyadh as the Capital of Arab Women coincides with Saudi women going ahead in various fields of life, confirming their remarkable capacity to keep pace with changes and to create a qualitative shift in society through their active participation in the ongoing development process seen by the Kingdom.

Saudi women have proven that they are capable of handling the tasks entrusted to them. In a record time, they have proven their standing by taking over leadership positions in various fields besides fulfilling their social responsibilities. 

Doing so, they prove their ability to adhere to principles and take control of development at the same time. This expresses a unique potential that it is time to be unleashed and benefited from as a key player in the society, which was not optimally exploited as in the moment.

Declaring Riyadh as the Capital of Arab Women has come to confirm the Saudi woman's golden age, in which they achieve their aspirations and reach their goals, after being armed with science and knowledge. 

They are properly prepared to go out to the labor market, not lacking any of the tools necessary to prove their efficiency and make their way towards the realization of their unlimited ambitions, which are ensured by laws, regulations and legislations that paved the way for them to go ahead with determination, consistency and clarity of vision.

Saudi women have always been an active player in their social environment. Now they have real chance to prove that they are able to reach the highest scientific and practical positions, and we have many examples of Saudi women who we are proud of.

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