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Duplication of Thought and Action

The Arabian Gulf is one of the most important waterways thanks to its location on the outskirts of Asia, Africa and Europe. It is of strategic importance not only to the countries situated along it, but to the world as a link between East and West. 

The Arabian Gulf plays an important role on the military, economic and political levels. Many oil tankers sail across it through the oil ports on its coasts, as most of its countries are oil exporters.

Additionally, its waters include oil and gas fields, and it is one of the busiest waterways in the world.

Despite this importance, Iran plays a very negative role in the Gulf security with its aggressive intercontinental policies. It also never stops its attempts to make the Gulf a hotbed of tension, as happened in the past few months, prompting the United States and a number of European states to seek to form an alliance to maintain security in the Gulf waters to protect their interests.

On the other hand, the Iranian president released statements in which he said: "There is no need for foreign forces to maintain the security of the Gulf, and that the countries of the region are able to maintain its security and stability". 

It is a statement that he made to deny the confirmed fact that Iran is not undermining security and stability, not only in the Gulf but also in a number of Arab countries; to serve its expansionist destructive goals, which resulted in killing hundreds of thousands, displacing millions, and causing unprecedented humanitarian disasters in the modern era, but then Rouhani comes to talk about security and stability. 

This unmasks the duplication of thought and action in the Iranian politics, a matter that is not strange but repetitive and shows wicked intentions, which will lead to serious consequences if recognized.

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