The International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) launched in Saudi Arabia

An international institute for Iranian studies named Rasanah has launched in Saudi Arabia to conduct in-depth research and monitor the global media.
The new center Rasanah will hold several intensive and intermediate courses approved by the General Organization for Technical Education and Vocational Training and the Ministry of Education, observed by strategic and linguistic experts from inside and outside Saudi Arabia.
Rasanah aims to provide in-depth research, forward-looking studies, specialized strategic reports and media monitoring in several languages, including Arabic, Persian, English, Hebrew, Urdu, as well as many other courses.
Dr. Muhammad Al-Sulami, who previously initiated the Arabian Gulf Center for Iranian Studies, is the driving force behind this new initiative.
In addition to the continuation of previous research partnerships conducted by the Arabian Gulf Center for Iranian Studies with different research institutions, the International Institute for Iranian Studies aspires to expand partnerships with government and private institutions interested in the Iranian affairs.

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