Seagate and SNC Join Forces to Support Saudi Banks to Overcome Data-driven Challenges

Led by the increasing number of digital citizens and multiple channels of connectivity, the volume of data is exploding by the day. According to a recent Seagate report, “Rethink Data”, over the next two years (2020-2022), enterprise data is projected to increase at a 42.2% annual growth rate .

Banks too, have had to adapt to the pace of data explosion and digitization to attract and retain their customer base. With the increase in the number of customers, banks often face the challenge of ensuring customer data is safe and easily available and accessible to authorized departments.

Traditional legacy IT systems used by banks lack features that enable scalability, flexibility, adaptability and interoperability. A leading banking institution in Saudi Arabia faced a similar situation, because its traditional IT infrastructure worked in silos and lack of flexibility to integrate with other solutions limited its capacity to manage, store, process and make data available round the clock. 

Customer challenge:

Given the criticality of data storage and the nature of business, the bank in Saudi Arabia aimed to build a highly-scalable IT infrastructure with the capability to provide increased level of data availability and visibility, as well as facilitate a superior banking experience at every customer end point. 

The bank was facing challenges to integrate new systems within their existing IT infrastructure, maintain the IT solutions with dedicated support and control cost required to replace, install and deploy new systems. 

Customer Solution:

System Network Company for Information and Communications Technology, one of the leading system integrators in the Kingdom, equipped the bank with 3,348 Seagate® Exos® Enterprise class HDD products.

The Seagate® Exos® Enterprise class drives have capacities up to 18TB and are designed to manage rigorous data workloads. Drawing on Seagate’s 40 years of hard drive innovation, the Exos® Enterprise class drives are engineered to serve as high-reliable solutions for servers, data centers and storage systems to store and manage unstructured and structured data.

These solutions offer high-level performance, reliability, security, and flexibility, striking an ideal balance between capacity, capability and advanced protection.  

Mutaz Hassanain, Chief Executive Officer at SNC ICT said “Data is the new oil, and it is necessary that every company across all industries have the right capabilities to store, manage and process data. We firmly believe that Seagate solutions have the capabilities and features to support the bank in KSA to efficiently meet its business digitization objectives. We are happy to be working with Seagate to ensure he length and breadth of our customer’ challenges are met efficiently and effectively.”

Bibin Jacob, Sales Representative MENA (Enterprise and Systems) at Seagate said “The Exos® Enterprise class drives are ideal for companies seeking a high-performing scalable solution to their data storage challenges.

At Seagate, we focus on innovating and providing solutions that are reliable, secure and have advanced capabilities to protect a company’s most critical asset, which is data. The Exos® Enterprise class drives are optimized for easy integration within existing IT infrastructure and with the right partner in the form of SNC ICT, we will enable the bank in Saudi Arabia to advance forward in their digital roadmap.”

SNC ICT and Seagate are working together to introduce new and advanced storage solutions to customers in Saudi Arabia with an aim to support and enable the country to build a sustainable, innovation-led economy. 

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